Rush Hour - Malaysia's Escape Games

The phenomenon of Escape Room was popularized by Japanese, before it travelled to North America and Europe. in 2013, Rush Hour Malaysia has been set up to tap into the growing popularity of the games in Malaysia. While the concepts may be similar, Rush Hour differs by other concervative industry player with its 50 minutes challenge as well as the room’s challenge that designed for group teamwork playing. Started with initial 6 games rooms, it is expected Rush Hour to increase is games theme to accomodate the growing enthusiasts. The design of puzzles and clue-searching process, will definitely achieve satisfaction by those who like this kind of excitement. Website is created in main intention to generate awareness on escape games phenomenon. A specific was created in order to boost its ranking - today, the right keywords had successfully created reference to Rush Hour in first page of Google Search.

Karihome (Orient Europharma)

Through years of developing the market for a number of principals, OE has proved itself as a pharmaceutical company capable of delivering exceptional sales performance and services. In 1989, OE expanded into the marketing and distribution of Nutricare products. In 2001, OE established an Oncology Division in order to meet high-growth market trends in this area. In 2002, OE began developing a new business in the field of dermatological cosmetics (collaborating with Pierre-Fabre Medicament). Expansion In addition to diversifying its product lines, OE has also been expanding regionally. In close cooperation with its principals, OE established two overseas affiliates – Orient Europharm Pte. Ltd. in Singapore (1993) and Orient Europharma (M) Sdn. Dhd. in Malaysia (1997). In 2000, in order to better service the healthcare market, OE acquired a GMP manufacturing plant from Aventis Pharma. In addition to drug production, the OE plant also provides, re-labeling and repacking services. In 2002, It acquired cGMP plant status in Taiwan. In 2002, OE established a third affiliate, Orient Europharma Co., Ltd. Hong Kong. In 2003, a Philippines affiliate was established and OE plans to futher expand to cover other Asian countries in the near future. In November 2003, OE was formally approved by the Taiwan authorities to go public in the Over-the-Counter Stock Exchange market. In 2006, OE has futher announced its expansion into Mainland China by setting up a Shanghai subsidiary in mid 2006, which will be a starting point for the company to market its Karihome Goat Milk Powder. OE’s successful marketing and promotion experience in existing overseas markets will be guiding its activities in Mainland China. Being the most successful brands from OE, Kar1ihome has been one of the pioneer in goat dairy products industry. The inception of new website encourage traffic generations via search engine marketing campaign, which indeed has brought Karihome to new frontier it has never enjoyed before.

Promac International (Fonterra Malaysia)

Promac Group of companies was formed with the establishment of Promac Enterprises Sdn Bhd (PE) in year 1989. Over the years, Promac has expanded its business into distributing, manufacturing, packaging and trading of dairy products and edible oil with 5 supporting subsidiaries. Since 1990, Promac has been the sole distributor in Malaysia for Fonterra (SEA) Pte Ltd in dairy ingredients from New Zealand. The company also owns the registered trademark – Promex®, a brand well known for its Instant Full Cream Milk Powder product that is widely distributed over Africa and Middle East market. Promac Food Products (PFP) is the crucial export marketing arm for Promac Group. PFP’s main activity is to export consumer packaged food products such as dairy, edible oil, cereals, etc. The website was completed on February 2014 and enjoyed tremendous traffic since then.

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